Samsung Galaxy Z Flip (Outside Only) Screen Protector - Tempered Glass


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  • RinoGear Tempered Glass Screen protector is made with premium quality 0.33mm thick tempered glass.
  • Maximum Screen Protection - Against impact, drops, scratches, dirt, wear and tear.
  • Compatible with most cases and accessories.
  • Easy and Dry Installation - Done in SECONDS; No liquids or sprays, No waiting time.
  • Rounded Edge Design - Makes for a safer glass and prevents edges from chipping.
  • Peace of Mind - Stop worrying about broken screens with this glass protector. Preserve the value of your precious device!

Why Use A Screen Protector?

ALL Screens Get Damaged:
Despite the grade of glass, screens still scratch or get damaged. Even so-called unscratchable glass still get scratched. Our tests have proven that no type of screen is invulnerable from damage

Damage Comes From Anywhere, Anytime:
New tech devices such as smartwatches or phones are expensive. Even placing it in a pocket or purse can ruin it. Don’t risk damaging your tech by not protecting it.

Why Use RinoGear GLASS?

Tested Under Harsh Active Conditions:
Our screen protectors are put to harsh and extreme conditions by runners, hikers, cyclists, and the like. It can most definitely handle regular wear & tear even if you’re not active.


• Impact Protection Designed for active use with impact damage protection.
• Tempered Glass Material Made with premium quality tempered glass with rounded edges.
• Dry Application No need for liquid solution or sprays, just set it on the screen within seconds.
• Bubble Free and Anti-Yellowing Advanced polymer adhesive is used to prevent the forming of air bubbles and discoloration.

What's Included?

• RinoGear GLASS
• Cleaning wipes
• Installation kit
• Detailed instructions