Installation FAQ

Installation Instructions:

CAUTION: Even though the film generally dries after 3 hours, as a precaution, please allow a full 8 hours of dry time before powering on the device.

Step 1: Remove the battery from the device. If your device does not have a removable battery, have it power off if possible. Add a drop (about 1/2 tsp.) of liquid dishwashing soap to one cup of water and stir. This mild solution will be used to position the film(s) on the device. Thoroughly clean surfaces to be covered. TIP: You can also mix this solution in a spray bottle if you have one available.

Step 2: With clean hands, soak your fingers into the soapy solution so that you do not leave fingerprints while handling the film(s). With wet fingers, peel off the backing paper from the film, exposing the adhesive side. Dip the entire film into the solution or spray it generously if using a spray bottle, wetting it completely. Hold the film up and gently shake off excess dripping water. The film should now be moist, but not dripping wet.

Step 3: Align and apply the film unto the surface of your device. Softly squeegee out the liquid solution and use a cloth to soak up any excess moisture. A credit card can also be used as a larger squeegee.

**NOTE: The film will begin to adhere to the surface as the water is squeegeed out and will no longer slide freely on the surface. If the film is not aligned correctly, remove it and start Step 2 over.

Step 4: Allow the film to dry at least 3 hours before powering the device. Micro-bubbles should disappear in the next few days.

TIP: When applying the film on a curved edge, allow the overhanging portion of the film to dry a bit until it can properly adhere to the surface. Just remember that the film adheres more when it is drier.

Common Issues for First-Time Installers of RinoGear Screen Protectors:

Question 1: Why Won't My Edges Stick?

Answer: It's all in the solution, more specifically the soap and water based solution. We created an application process to make the positioning of your protector as close to perfect as we could while still keeping it easy. The solution is made to temporarily weaken the adhesive in order for the applicant to be able to manipulate the positioning of the protector even after it is placed on the screen of your device. After you are satisfied with the positioning of the screen protector the solution will begin to dry. The more the solution dries the more the adhesive begins to restore its properties.

So Here's The Solution: Use the palm of your hand to hold down the edges of the protector. This will hold the protector in place as the solution dries and the adhering process begins to take full affect.

Want To Try An Alternative Solution? Try leaving the device with the protector already set into place to dry for 15-20 minutes, then press down the corners. This short wait gives the adhesive time to become tacky again, making it easier for the edges to stick.

Question 2: Why Are There So Many Bubbles?!

Answer: Here's the easy answer; not enough solution! The solution is made to surround the air that can be trapped between the device and the protector. The use of water gives the user the ability to push the air out from under the protector, therefore, not using enough solution will create more bubbles.

Heres How To Fix It:  Carefully peel off the protector while being cautious not to stretch the film. Spray or moisten the adhesive with more solution and reapply, the protector should be able to be easily moved around on the screen. Any small streaks or bubbles left behind after will disappear as the solution underneath evaporates. Be patient, larger imperfections will take more time to disappear.  

Question 3: How Can I Stop My Case From Peeling Off My Protector?

Some frequent reasons for peeling are; The solution has not been given adequate time to dry(See question 1), or, repeated contact is being made. 

For solution that hasn't dried - hold down the edges for a minimum of 3 minutes at a time with the palm of your hand and allow the protector time to adhere. If you are putting on a case after applying the screen protector,make sure you wait for at least 20 minutes for the protector to dry before putting on the case.

For Repeated Contact - Our film is cut in order to avoid peeling edges. If the protector is peeling in only a specific spot, it might not be completely centered, try reapplying the protector and be cautious of edges.

Question 4: Why Has My Protector Become Longer/Wider?

Answer: The materials we use to make our state of the art screen protectors are designed to stretch in order to absorb any shock your device may endure and promote self-healing. Because of our products elasticity, continuous removal and reapplication can cause the film to permanently stretch.

Be cautious of how much strain you are implying onto the protector when removing it, and do not attempt to remove the protector after the film has set as it could cause it to stretch. If you are unhappy with the placement of the protector, remove and reapply it before the solution has dried.

RinoGear Lifetime Warranty Policy: All of these concerns and questions that we have mindfully acknowledged are covered under our Lifetime Warranty. Although we use the utmost precision when designing our products, we are very aware that mistakes can happen. Our main concern is the happiness of our customers, so if a mistake happens to take place with your product, we will happily replace it for you at no charge! If you feel that our protectors are not to your liking, please let us know and we will refund your order.