About Us

California, USA


Meet RinoGear. We create protective phone and tech accessories to fit your active lifestyle. Like you, we are adventurous and consistent in our endeavors. If it’s cycling, running, yoga, or whatever kind of fitness activity you’re into, we’ll be there to support your tech gadgets with the proper ‘gear.’

Why We Do It

Just as health and fitness are a big part of our lives, so are smart phones and tech gadgets. We at RinoGear are big fans of active fitness AND technology. In recent years, we have noticed an influx of damaged tech because of our active lifestyles. From there, RinoGear accessories were born. We want you to be able to embrace that extra mile without having to worry about your tech.

Where We Are

We are located in sunny Southern California, USA where fitness culture is quite prominent. Here in our state, we are lucky enough to be around mountains, beaches, and hiking trails. We use our surroundings to inspire us to create our products.

All items are shipped from the USA with satisfaction guaranteed.