Case for Apple iPhone XS Max The Timber Real Wood Series Fusion TPU with Dark Rose Wood Trim - Bonjour Paris


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* Special design---100% Real Wood. Natural Synthetic Case. Combined with Genuine wood Layer & Dark Black Rubber-plastic it's high end nice design for your phone. * Customized Wood Case Engraved and Carved Beautiful image on rose wood makes this case look elegant. Great gift idea! * Durable and Comfortable we made our phone case even better with easy to press buttons while protecting them from impacts and improving the sides to grip perfectly when in your hands! The rubber TPU going around the case is flexible making it easy to place and remove the phone in or out of the case. * Special Notes: 1. Made from real wood so there is a little bit different on the grain and color since there are not exactly same two wooden slices in the world. 2. Do not bend it so hard to avoid breaking natural layer or sharp objectos to scrape the surface of the wood. 3. DO NOT dip the wooden case in the water 4. DO NOT get close to the fire 5. DO NOT put it in a wet place