GearSpa UV Phone Sanitizer Box with Wireless Charger


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Disinfecting your phone with alcohol or wipes is always a good idea until it starts stripping off the screen's protective coating with moisture getting into the ports and the next thing you know your phone's permanently damaged.

Good news is you don't have to risk your phone (nor your health) with our UV Sanitizer Box! It's a UV light-powered sanitizer designed to kill the viruses and bacteria that sit on your phone without exposing it to moisture or harsh chemicals.

More about our this sanitizing box:
  • Light-based sanitation - this device discharges UV-C rays with a wavelength that's high enough (up to 254nm) to effectively destroy 99.99% of the daily viruses and bacteria that stay on your phone. Since no moisture chemicals or heat is involved it's suitable for everyday use!
  • 360-degree disinfection - equipped with two light bulbs that discharge UV light from both sides our sanitizer box can reach every nook and cranny of your phone so there's no need to get anxious about not being able to clean all the parts where those nasty germs may sneak in.
  • Quick and safe operation - scared that prolonged exposure to UV rays might harm you? Fret not! This device is designed to disinfect your phone in just a few minutes! Plus it automatically turns off the light bulbs when you lift the lid so you won't accidentally expose your eyes to the UV light.
  • Multipurpose sanitation - since it utilizes a safe sanitation process it can also light up and disinfect other gadgets and accessories like your sunglasses earphones wristwatch and other day-to-day items you could fit into it.
  • Wireless charging - you can even make things more convenient and upgrade this device to double as a wireless phone charger! Just place any Qi-compatible smartphone on top of the lid and the fast charging will start right up.
  • Travel-friendly device - coming in a compact and lightweight design this device is small enough to bring to travels but spacious enough to fit in an iPhone 11 Pro Max Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and all other smartphones of the same size or less.
  • Instant diffuser - our sanitation box also has an aromatherapy hole where you can drop a few drops of essence to diffuse its aroma so you can chill out at home or anywhere while indulging in your favorite essence's relaxing fragrance!

Our UV Sanitizer Box surely packs a lot of functions to make everything more convenient for you! A travel-friendly device to disinfect your gadgets and accessories charge your smartphones and even enjoy your favorite essence's aroma!

Order today and start disinfecting your phone the hassle-free way!

*Power adapter is included!